If you are having trouble with the ready-made (IKEA etc.) furniture assembly, furniture installation or even the delivery home, we will help you with all that.

Please call us!

How can we help you?

IKEA, JYSK etc. furniture assembly
Kitchen furniture assembly
Cupboard, wardrobe, kitchen furniture assembly.
Bathroom furniture assembly 
Office furniture assmebly
Children's room furniture assembly
Assembly, repair or home delivery of modular furniture distributed by IKEA, KIKA, JYSK, RS, Retz, Möbelix, Mömax.
If you don't have the time, not in the mood or do not have the specified tools, than don't hesitate, just call us, we will help to deal with all these problems.

We love to assemble, and to...


...if your trolley is full,
...if your car is overloaded,
...if your pack is too big,
...if your hands are full.

Call us and we will help.


...if you don't know where,
...if you don't know how,
...if you are not sure,
...if it is not the right way.

Call us and we will help.



...if you don't have a plan,
...if you need help,
...if you need advice,
...if you need a solution.

Call us and we will help.


Clean up

...when we are ready,
...if there is a lot of rubbish,
...if the selective tip is too far,
...or if it is just not tidy enough.

We will leave your premises nice and clean.

Please ask for a quote.

Call us now if you have any questions.

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